It’s 2015, yay

As I write this now, I’m still dwelling on the vomit that still resides in various places in my car. My lovely car. I owned the same car for 8 years. A car is often seen as a reference point for colleagues, like it or lump it, if you turn up in the same Honda Accord for 8 years, in the coffee room discussions, people do question why.
I don’t give a shit by the way, cars work for me, and they get hit by fuckwits and get scratched by gravel and squirrels attack them and all sorts, ho hum. If it is reliable and keeps going, bingo. My Accord was ace for that. It never stopped. Once it passed 200k it started smoking though, quite a bit. I know why. I collected my son from university, we drove for a while, the oil light came on and I immediately lifted and luckily we could roll to a service station, I bought oil and topped up but the damage was done. 😦 No idea why.

Blah blah.

It’s 2015, forget the past. Search past that and we need to think about stuff that will happen in this year.

Right. Here we go. My list of shit I will do in 2015.

Sell a painting (not a drawing) (non-commission)
Ride more than 50% of the 100 Greatest Climbs
Ride at least 100 miles a week
Do an Everest
Do a 300 mile ride in a day (24 hours) – This is number one!!!!!!
Help out Steve who is attempting to beat the Tommy Godwin challenge this year.
Eat a full meal with all the veg grown by myself
Make the garage look nice (tile floor, plasterboard walls, false ceiling, proper lighting)
Some kind of very classic bike project. Old roadbike I reckon.
A big old cycle tour. I love them so much and missed it last year. France!

That’ll do for now.