A nice horrible choice

For a cyclist, a beautiful time is new bike time. or it should be, but this time round, it’s not. Allow me to elaborate.

First off, lets get the tricky stuff out of the way. I DON’T NEED A NEW BIKE. I’ve got lots already. I’m very lucky to have enough money and storage space to have a good collection of bikes. If you’re going to have a dig at me for complaining about being in this fortunate position, bite me.


I WANT a new bike, and probably for the first time, I’m struggling to decide what to buy.

At first, it was easy. I saw this.


I wanted this bike so much. Then I realised it had BB5 brakes which are a load of shit, they last about ten minutes doing good miles in British conditions unless you’re willing to take them apart on a very regular basis and give them a full service. I wanted it because it’s a full carbon CX bike, will be as light as a feather, will climb like stink and won’t be too bad for day rides. It’ll also double up as a commuter, in desperate times.

But those brakes…..

So starting on that premise, and realising I really did need to make room for a new bike, I elected to move my CAADX on. That’s incredibly light too and climbs like stink but it’s got a BB30 bottom bracket which is also shit. Mine’s been languishing in the shed for a while and looking at my Twitter feed, I was talking about selling this 3 years ago!


I could just fix the bottom bracket… (I did this over the weekend). I now have an ultra-light, climbing machine that is OK for all day rides and doubles up as a commuter, in desperate times.

What bike am I going to buy now then?

If I was being sensible, I’d have a look at which bike I ride the most, get a new one of those. Well that’s easy because 99% of my riding is on my brilliant, trusty, Ridgeback Tour. I commute on this regularly and it’s fantastic for big day rides. It’s a bit rubbish for climbing on account of weighing the same as the moon but given it’s been up virtually all of the 100 climbs, it must be doing something right in the respect.ridgeback.jpg

I’d be reluctant to move this bike on as it’s been just about perfect. Why would I sell that?

Lets play with the concept though. So I’m looking for a *better* touring bike than the ridgeback tour………

There’s not many, to be honest. I thought this space would be jam packed with modern, feature-rich tourers. Specialized’s AWOL looks the best that will fit in around the Cycle to Work limit of a grand.



I think from my meanderings, I’ve realised I want a bike but don’t know what I want. I should just not bother. But I probably will.

So, lightweight, fun, versatile CX bike (preferably made of carbon)

or sturdy, reliable, commuter/tourer. Made of metal.