2020, then

As you know, it’s traditional to write some kind of todo list around this time of year. A bucket list, I think the young people call it.

I’ve avoided doing such a thing for a few years but I’m going to try it again 2019 was in some ways a poor cycling year for me. I failed to achieve a number of objectives I thought about but didn’t get round to. Didn’t hit my mileage target, didn’t hit my tile square target, didn’t complete LEJOG, didn’t complete our tandem ride round Holland etc etc. Pathetic.

Right, so 2020. Here’s what I’m going to try and do, cycling-wise.

  • 7000 miles in total
  • 35×35 max square
  • Cycle the length of the isle of Ireland from the North to the South
  • Cycle the canal from the Thames in that there London to my house
  • Coast to coast in a day
  • Anglesea coast ride.
  • I really fancy doing another ride up to Cumbria, ride round for a bit, ride home over a few days.
  • I’m itching for another 200 mile ride in a day thing so I’ll maybe throw one in. Current record is 206 miles.